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DSL Configuration Guide
The following steps should get your computer / DSL router configured to use All speed Internet Services.  This is assuming that you are using the Qwest Actiontec DSL modem/router.

Special thanks to Richard Brown for taking the time to detail and test the instructions below.

Place the Qwest CD into the drive. It should load automatically. 

If it does not, click "Start", then "Run". Assuming the CDROM drive is designated the "D" drive, type D:\setup.exe. If the CDROM is not the "D" drive, replace "D" with the correct letter. 

After the disk loads and initializes, proceed as follows:

1.) Select the appropriate language and click "Next". 

2.) Read all instructions carefully, clicking "Next" when finished. 

3.) Select "Initial Setup" and click "Next". 

4.) Read the instructions and click "Next". 

5.) Select the appropriate answer regarding rental or purchase of the modem and click

6.) Read the Agreement, select "I agree" and click "Next". 

7.) Read the Install Guide and click "Yes" for the electronic signature. 

8.) Read the instructions and select either "Ethernet" or "USB" as appropriate and click

9.) Read and carefully follow the instructions on each of the following pages and click
"Next" when finished with each page. 

10.) When asked to choose a Service Provider, select "Other ISP" and click "Next". 

11.) Select PPPoA and click "Next". 

12.) Enter your All Speed User Name and Password into the appropriate boxes, paying
attention to any small or Capital letters, and click "Next". Enter your All Speed User Name and Password again and click "OK". 

13.) Select "Dynamic IP (DHCP)" and click "Next". 

14.) Wait while the modem reboots and read each following page, clicking "Next" when
done. Click "Finish" on the final page.

The "internet" light on the modem should now be a steady green and you should be
connected to the internet.

At this point you should be connected to the Internet through All Speed.  If you experience any problems, please call for support at 970-245-9110.

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