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All Speed Internet | Terms of Use.
By your use of any All Speed Internet service you signify agreement with all terms and conditions as specified to the rights, along with any modifications that may be made over time.

If you do not agree to any of these terms or conditions of use immediately discontinue use of all All Speed Services and notify us in writing of any cancellation of service(s).

We work hard to insure that each person who uses an All Speed service or product gets the best response possible. 

Our terms and conditions are designed to protect ourselves and our customer and insure our continuing ability to offer the highest level of service.

If you have any questions relating to these terms or conditions, please email or call us to obtain further clarification.



Legal Information

This is the page we hate to keep up.  Basically, we want everyone to use and obtain benefits from the use of our services while allowing other to do the same.

Unfortunately, largely gone are the days of self policing and putting other first, or even on an even level with ourselves.

While All Speed Internet enjoys a great group of customers, society insures the need for a formal terms and condition to insure our ability to continue providing services, disruption free, to our friends and clients.

Below are the All Speed Terms and Conditions.  Please let us know of any questions, concerns or comments.
                        Thank you, All Speed Internet

Terms of Use

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