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Accounting & Billing

Frequently Asked Billing/Accounting Questions

Statements and Invoices:

Q:  When are statements and invoices sent?
A:  In most cases, your statement/invoice is sent 12 days prior to the due date.  If you have auto pay via your credit card you will receive the statement on the actual due date.

Q:  How will I receive my statement or invoice?
A:  We send statements/invoices via email for all personal accounts.  Business accounts are normally sent via email unless postal mail is specifically requested.

Q:  Can I receive my personal account invoice via postal mail?
A:  You can chose to receive your bill via postal mail, but there is an additional $1 per month charge for this service.  In November 2004 All Speed decided to pass along the saving from email billing and reduced all personal accounts by $2/month.  The $1 charge helps recover the additional cost and time of postal mail already refunded to you in the monthly charge.

Q:  Why do I always get a new statement after I have already paid my bill?
A:  After your payment is added to our accounting system you will receive a new statement showing that the payment was received and that (in most cases) your account is up to date.  This allows you to verify that your payment was received and processed.

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Q:  Can I have you automatically charge my credit card each month?
A:  Yes, we can have your monthly payment automatically charged to  your credit card each month on it's due date.  There are several advantages including eliminating late charges due to forgotten payments.

Q:  Can I make a one-time payment on my credit card?
A:  Yes, if you normally make payments via other methods you can make one-time, or set amount payments via your credit card.

Q:  Can I pay by cash or check?
A:  Yes, we do not have the aversion to cash displayed by many other providers.

Q:  What credit cards do your accept?
A:  At this time we accept Visa, Master Card and the Discover Card.

Q:  Do you accept payment via Brand X auto payment service?
A:  We have many customers who use automated payment programs from banks or other providers. As long as they are able to make a payment via one of our approved methods we will accept payments made in that manner.

Q:  When is my payment actually due?
A:  Like almost all ISP's, All Speed bills for the current months (or other period) service, due at the beginning of that service period.  This means that if your payment period starts on the 1st of the month, full payment for that month is also due on the 1st day of the month.

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Late Charges:

Q:  When is my payment late:
A:  Your payment is late if not received by the due date.  Statements and invoices will normally be sent 12 days prior to the due date.

Q:  If the due date in Sunday and I pay on Monday, will I get a late charge?
A:  Our late charges are added automatically by our accounting system.  To help problems like the one listed above (and simple mistakes) late charges are not added until 8 days after the due date.  By that time (if we have your correct email), you should have received a couple of payment reminders.

Q:  Can I change the due date?
A:  If your own income schedule makes it difficult to make payments on time we may be able to change the due date to one that will allow you to keep your account balance current.

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Suspensions & Disconnections:
Voluntary Disconnections

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Special Arrangements:

Q:  I have  cash flow problems this month, can you work with me?
A:  Yes, in fact if you are going to have difficulty in making a payment we prefer hearing from you to work out an alternative schedule before the payment becomes past due.

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Your can reach our billing department via email by sending an email to billing@allspeed.us

You can reach us via telephone at (970) 245-9110.

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