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November 2004




Virus Infected Emails | Web Site Changes | Email Features | Referral Program | Free Service

Emails from All Speed Internet (or your bank)

One of the newest virus versions impersonates the recipients internet provider.  The messages often come from something like admin, support, or something similar from the same domain as the recipient.

The messages often indicates that the account is suspended, or that you need to check information that has been included as an attachment to the email.  This is a variation of the virus letters relating to bank accounts that have been around for awhile now.

All Speed Internet recommends that you never open an attachment unless you have specifically asked for it, or know it's contents.

All Speed would never send you an email that would require opening an attachment unless it was sent on your request.

Web Site Changes

We have recently added extra functionality to our web site.  One of the most useful changes has been to our Accounting and Billing section of the site.

You can reach this area by clicking on the "Billing & Accounting" area of the menu bar at the top of most user pages.  From this area you can now access many real time, online functions.  This includes functions like checking your account balance and payment history, changing user names and passwords and more.

You can also view your account records relating to how long you have been online for any particular time period.  This will be most useful to people using hourly (metered) dialup accounts.

In the next three weeks, the functionality will be further enhanced to allow you to add, change or delete email addresses and passwords, add or close services and much more.

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DSL Service

We have had great response to our DSL service over the past 8 months.  Many new areas have opened up, and we are even offering DSL service in Loma.

We have had many questions relating to DSL service.  Here are the most often asked questions.

  • Q:  Do you need a separate phone line?
    • A:  No, in order to have DSL, Qwest will upgrade your line to support DSL service.
  • Q:  What does it cost?
    • A:  Our 256k speed (about 6-10 times faster than dialup speeds) is $13.95/month.
  • Q:  Is the cost above in addition to what I have now, are there other costs?
    • A:  This cost replaces the dialup cost you may be paying, and includes your email, etc.  There is an additional cost from Qwest for making your phone line DSL capable.  In the case of the 256k example above, the Qwest cost is $15.
You can get additional information about DSL Service here.

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Email Features and Updates

Spam & Virus Protection:
We have completed some major updates to our email servers.  The most obvious result should be less spam and junk.

All users will benefit from the basic spam and virus protection provided by All Speed Internet.  By default, all email accounts have the basic spam protection enabled. 

If you do not wish to have this feature, please let us know and we will disable it for you account.  Over the next month, you will have the option to make changes to your email settings directly online.

Web Mail:
We will be making some upgrades to the online web based email program.  The new features include better HTML and attachment support, folders and much more.

This new server requires our users to have the mail settings set up correctly.  In the past, the old mail server was much more forgiving.  As soon as we are able to get the last few people configured correctly we will make the new mail server available.

We will be posting more information about these services soon.

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Referral Program 

We have had great response from our loyal users who refer their friends and coworkers to All Speed Internet.  As always, we continue to pay $20 for each regular dialup account that is referred to us.

We have also added referrals to other services we offer, ranging from $10 to more than $300!  In addition, users who refer 6 or more users can get their monthly service free altogether.  See the section below for additional information.

There is no maximum amount you can make, but you need to read the details to make sure you get credit.

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Free Service

Since announcing our "connect six" offer we have watched some of our users refer their way toward free monthly internet access.

Here is a quick review of the program:

  1. Refer friends, family or even complete strangers to All Speed.
  2. Referred person mentions your name at the time of signup.
  3. After 6 people you have referred become customers...
  4. You receive free monthly service until the number of active customers you have referred drops below 6 people.
Please contact us for the full details. 

We know that it is sometimes easy to miss something on a page you may not visit frequently.

So, we have added a "recent changes" link on our "MyPage" that lists a few of the recent changes.  This could be the addition on new services or updating of a web page. 

We have also decided to change the link color of items that have been changed or added in the recent week.  When you see a link in red it indicates that the page it leads to has been recently changed.
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If you have any ideas or suggestions for improving our service or making it more useful to you, please let us know.

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