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  1. No Busys or its Free!
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  3. You'll Love it, or You Don't Pay! 
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 All Speed Internet is so sure of our quality that we offer you a Triple Guarantee.

#1.  No Busys or its Free!

Try All Speed Internet's Dialup Service and be assured that you will always get online, when you want, every time!  All Speed keeps sufficient dial in lines to insure that you never call and get a busy signal.

If you call and get a busy signal, first pick up the phone and dial the modem number 245-1288 to make sure that you hear a busy signal.  Often computers return the generic error "line is busy" or "cannot connect to the server" for many other reasons.  Calling the number on a regular telephone will help confirm that the telephone is not busy.

If you then get a busy signal document the time and number and send an email to support @ allspeed.us and will will check our phone and modem log records.  If we find that our lines were busy we will issue a credit for the entire day.

#2.  No Overselling, you get what you pay for!
All Speed Internet keeps sufficient bandwidth and resources to insure that you get the quality of service you request and deserve.  If you feel that you are not able to achieve the quality of service you have subscribed to please call our support personnel immediately.
#3.  You Love it, or you Don't Pay!
We want everyone to have a chance to see what All Speed quality is all about.  So to make is easy to try we offer this simple guarantee.  Give us a try, and if within the first 5 days or 25 hours of service (whichever comes first), if you are not pleased with the service simply call us and cancel.  You will owe All Speed nothing.

Caveat:  Persons who subscribe for illegal or unethical activities will still be subject to civil litigation and subject for damages arriving from their abuse of the system.  This includes mass spamming using All Speed Internet Facilities.


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